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Construction Management

Ledesma & Meyer Construction Co., Inc. is an industry leader in the management of public school construction.

LMCCI has successfully provided Construction Management Services to public school districts throughout Southern California for over 20 years.  These services encompass the project /program development (including planning) through post-construction.  The specific needs of each project and/or program will determine the services provided.  LMCCI is not only a Construction Manager but a General Contractor as well.  This unique combination of qualifications and experience adds a valued benefit to our Clients.

As the Construction Manager, LMCCI provides leadership as a participating member of the construction team. LMCCI will work together with the client and architect offering unbiased expertise and advice in construction means, methods, coordination, and scheduling.  Serving as the “nuts and bolts” detail member of the construction team, LMCCI fills the role of respected construction intermediary; a responsibility we take seriously. This vital role helps ensure the project(s) remains on-schedule, on-budget, and without litigation as we work through the day-to-day issues between the prime contractor(s), the architect, and the client.  Our vast experience with multiple-prime trade contracting has saved our clients virtually millions of dollars by providing them maximum project control to produce a superior finished product.  Throughout our company's 20+ year history, 100% of our projects have opened on-time and on budget.  We have never failed to open a school on time.

 LMCCI offers the following CM Delivery Methods to our Clients: 

  • Construction Management Multi-Prime (CMMP)
  • Construction Management/General Contractor (CM/GC)
  • Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)
  • Construction Management-Agency (CMA)

Project Management

Full-Service Project Management

As a full-service Project Manager, LMCCI serves as the Client’s representative and provides overall management from the initial plan development through post construction and warranty periods.  In this role, we assist in defining the project, budgeting, scheduling, constructability reviews, and a variety of custom services.  All services are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each project for our client while managing the contracts of the design and construction team members.

Program Management

Program Management

Program management is a partnership with our Clients that cultivates effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery.  Acting as an extension of our Client's staff, LMCCI protects the Client's interests in all areas of the construction program process from planning and design, through the bidding phase and construction, and throughout the warranty period.  Ultimately, our company has developed and implemented our Client Facilities Master Plans and programs and has successfully managed multiple projects in a phased time frame.  Program management is frequently used with bond measures to ensure cost control and comprehensive project scheduling.

General Obligation Bonds

The passage of successful general obligation bond for a school district is dependent on preparation, planning and effective communication.  Our team at LMCCI will assist our clients in the development of a comprehensive facilities master plan by engaging with the stakeholders in an interactive process of prioritizing their needs and collaboratively working together to support the District Administration and Governing Board.

In addition to the initial process, members of our team have participated as members of several Bond Committees, in fundraising activities, distributing literature and other communications.  We have worked tirelessly helping with phone banking and other activities to support our Clients' efforts.  As a result, our clients have successfully passed eleven large local general obligation bonds.

General Contracting

Experience in Licensed General Contracting

Going beyond construction management, LMCCI is also an experienced, licensed general contractor.  Our success in the area of construction management and general contracting is due to our high level of involvement and "hands-on" approach.  With an unparalleled reputation, LMCCI is able to attract a large field of quality trade contractors to ensure a competitive bidding climate.

A History of Success

Our history proves that our construction projects successfully complete within budget, on schedule, and without litigation.  This is achieved through our superior pre-construction services, our management skills in the timely resolution of construction issues, and our commitment to quality.  We provide construction management solutions that offer oversight for general contractors as well.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Well-Connected In the Industry

School Construction

In this delivery method, LMCCI is the owner’s single source for planning, design, construction, and project completion.  We have built successful and long-term relationships with design professionals and contractors which are all needed ingredients for a successful project.  Our involvement brings more to the project than just a low bid.  We are committed to developing strong relationships with the owner to ensure their needs for quality, solid budget control, and a project completed on schedule.