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Client Testimonials

“Kris Meyer and his team of employees have performed beyond my expectations as the Superintendent of the Ocean View School District.  They came in during a very difficult time and quickly assessed the situation and determined a viable solution that was presented to staff and, subsequently, to the Board of Trustees.  The Ledesma & Meyer staff has made a difficult situation much easier to handle through their professionalism, which includes stellar communication between the different school sites and the construction staff; first-rate oversight on projects being handled at 11 of 16 District schools; and tremendous access to the construction management staff at all hours to answer questions as they arise.

Ledesma & Meyer is a solutions-oriented firm that has provided great service to our School District.  The construction staff has worked to seek viable cost-effective solutions to our District construction issues.  The work that they have performed has been impressive.  Ledesma & Meyer was tasked to work at 11 school sites simultaneously, which is not an easy endeavor, but one the L & M has handled impeccably.”
Gustavo G. Balderas, D. ED.
Superintendent of Schools
Ocean View School District of Orange County

“LMCCI provides both pre-bid construction management services and post bid services.  The value engineering and constructability review has been invaluable to ensure projects are within budget and also the best expenditure of the District funds.  Upon completion of a project, LMCCI handles coordination of all warranty items for one year.  This has been a tremendous help to the District’s Maintenance Department.

Joe Ledesma and Kris Meyer have devoted so much time to the success of the Coachella Valley and the Desert Sands Unified School District.  They are personally involved with all projects.  They both attend our board meetings to answer any questions our Board might have and are readily available to our staff.  I highly recommend LMCCI as a Construction Management firm that will successfully perform any tasks for which they are given the opportunity to complete.”
Cindy McDaniel
Former Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Desert Sands Unified School District.

“Ledesma & Meyer Construction Co., Inc. provides the necessary staff to oversee the project to ensure a quality project. They are receptive to the District’s requests and are responsive to our needs. The principals, Joe Ledesma and Kris Meyer, attend Board meetings and are available to the Facilities Department at all times. The field staff is experienced and supportive. The District’s construction team, consisting of district staff, architect and construction manager, has developed into a cohesive unit that works well to provide projects on time and within budget. 

“In my former school district where I served as superintendent for almost eight years, we had the pleasure of working with Ledesma & Meyer for many years. I was pleased to see that when I came to Desert Sands Unified School District almost five years ago as superintendent, that the district similarly employed the excellent firm of Ledesma & Meyer. I recommended their services to any entity that wants quality, timely construction projects completed hassle free. They are the best.”
Sharon P. McGehee, Ph.D.
Former Superintendent
Desert Sands Unified School District

“This Firm is client-based with an exceptionally strong work ethic and a level of integrity second to none.”
David Capelouto,
Former Assistant Superintendent of Business
Rialto Unified School District

“I would like to express my appreciation regarding the excellent level of service the District has received by the team at Ledesma and Meyer Construction Company, Inc.  In July 2006, the District embarked on an extensive construction program that involved 19 State and local bond funded projects totaling more than $100 million.  The successful completion of these projects could not have been possible without the Ledesma & Meyer team’s relentless commitment to cost containment, schedule recovery, and customer satisfaction.  In my 22 years of experience in public works, I have yet to work with a team more committed to ensuring the district’s interests were not compromised.  This commitment was so often seen during the defense of the district’s position relative to change order negotiations and contractor workmanship deficiencies.  If it were not for the team’s resolve, the outcome for many of these issues would have been less favorable for the District.  The team’s professionalism, prompt attention, and ease at which it handled stressful situations helped make what at first appeared to be a nearly impossible task clearly achievable.” 
Craig Misso
Director, Facilities Planning and Operations
Ontario-Montclair School District

“LMCCI’s construction team performed this work with extraordinary professionalism and kept the District's needs in the forefront.  As owners, your personal attention and interaction with the school staffs, the contractors, project managers, and other agencies kept the project on schedule, within budget and of excellent quality.”
Alice Grundman, Director
Former Facilities Planning and Construction
Colton Joint Unified School District

“LMCCI has knowledgeable staff that is responsive to the District’s needs.  They listen and are receptive to ideas presented by either the architect or the District.  LMCCI, the architect and the District collaborate on all projects that have proven to exemplary learning centers for our students and assets to the community.”
Peggy Reyes
Former Director, Facilities Services
Desert Sands Unified School District

“LMCCI completely understands the value of building a team with the client.  As a team, we modernized 15 schools and built 9 new facilities, in alignment with our strategic plan, facility master plan and educational programs.  Each one of these facilities is a testimony to cohesive teamwork and our exceptional collaboration.“
Doris Wilson, Ed.D.
Former Superintendent
Desert Sands Unified School District
(Currently Associate Dean,
California State University of San Bernardino, Palm Desert)

"I, unconditionally recommend LMCCI for Construction/Program Management Services.  They have proven themselves to be a caring and reliable team member and partner from project inception through warranty period and beyond.  Ledesma & Meyer’s constructability reviews, estimating, value engineering, and bid document packaging and preparation have been superb.  Their excellent reputation in the industry has enabled our District to receive hundreds of trade bids over the years which has resulted in making all of our projects a reality.  Their hands-on management style has always protected the District’s interests.  Ledesma & Meyer has also been a great communicator to the District Administration, our governing Board, and the community by attending most of our governing board meetings over the years during all phases of their projects and providing monthly updates as well.  Their 100% transparency and forthrightness at all times with our District has cemented their integrity with our District and community over the past 16 years.”
Hilda Murallo
Former Chief Business Official
Romoland School District

“It is a distinct pleasure to share San Bernardino City Unified School District’s partnership with Ledesma and Meyer Construction Company.  Mr. Kris Meyer and his team are tireless performers.  If you are looking for a good Construction Manager, Ledesma and Meyer possess all the right attributes:  strong leadership, drive, determination and sound judgment.  Ledesma and Meyer assume personal responsibility whether or not it resides in its immediate domain or not. It is without hesitation that I recommend Ledesma and Meyer as a contractor that can perform their tasks with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism.”
David Doomey,
Former Facilities Director
San Bernardino City School District

“LMCCI’s services have consistently gone above and beyond their contractual duties.  They have provided program/construction management, accounting backup (they have flown to Sacramento on the District’s behalf to assist in obtaining funding from OPSC), they conduct constructability reviews, back checks, value engineering and follow the project through the warranty period.  Ledesma & Meyer Construction Company is a full service Construction and Management firm.  It is always a privilege and a pleasure to work with their friendly, well-trained professionals to bring about the successful completion of our District’s construction projects.  They are truly a team player in everything that they do.”
Bill Ralph
Former Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Rialto Unified School District