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An Agent for the Client

Serving as the "nuts and bolts" detail member of the construction team, LMCCI fills the role of the respected construction intermediary and we take this responsibility seriously.  This vital role deals with the day-to-day issues between the prime contractors, the architect, and the client.  Acting as a limited agent for the client, it is critical for the construction manager to communicate any issues between affected parties before they become a problem.

Basic Services

Although the Construction Manager can be hired at any time on any project, LMCCI strongly recommends hiring the Construction Manager early so that the entire project can be completed in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, and with the highest quality. 

Construction Plans With Helmet

Pre-Construction Services:

• Program Management
• Master Project Planning & Feasibility Studies
• In-Depth Plan Review
• Cost Estimating, Budget Review, Cash Flow
• Cost-Benefit & Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Constructability Review
• CPM Project Scheduling/Phasing
• Assist with Funding Applications

• Cost Controls
• Value Engineering
• Bid Document Preparation
• Addendum Review
• Pre-Bid Conference
• Assist With Pre-Qualifications Of Bidders
• Bidding services including bidder correspondence
• Evaluation Of Bids
• Conduct Post Bid Interviews


Construction Services:

• On-Site Project Management
• State, Local & Governmental Relationships
• Construction Phasing Plan
• Web-Based Document Control
• Quality Assurance & Control
• Cost Control

• Environmental Compliance
• Contract Administration
• Monitoring & Maintaining Budget & Schedules
• Cost & Claim Negotiations
• Develop Punch Lists
• Facilitate Prompt Punch List Completion
• Assist In Conducting Final Inspection


• Coordination Of Facility Occupation With Client
• Coordinate Warranty Phase

• Conduct Client In-Service & Training
• Assist With Securing "As-Built Drawings"
• Provide Electronic Closeout Documentation